4k rehearsal studios are designed both acoustically and aesthetically to provide the most energetic and productive work space. This ensures you can reach your goals with minimal distraction. Every room is fitted with professional equipment from top brands such as Marshall, Fender, Ludwig, Ddrum, Ampeg, Pearl and more. Our equipment has been carefully chosen to create diversity. You won't find our level of equipment in any other studio in Dublin.

Come in for a Tour!
  • 6 Studios to choose from
  • Top equipment
  • 2 guitar amps,bass amp & drum-kit
  • On street parking
  • In-house music shop
  • 20 seconds walk from Smithfield luas stop
  • The best rates in Dublin
Drum Range:
Pearl Masters 
Pearl ELX Special (Purple) 
Pearl ELX Custom (Black Stripe)
Pearl Export Series (Black) 
Ddrum Diablo (Black)

Ludwig Rocker Elite (Green)
Ludwig Maple
Sonor Delite
Sonor Deluxe 2003 

Zildjian A Custom, Zbt
Sabian A, AA, AAX, HHX

Guitar Amplifiers:
Marshall Jcm Dsl 
Marshall Jcm Tsl
Marshall Avt 150h
Marshall Avt 50
Marshall 5150 (very rare)
Marshall r100
Fender Champion
Fender Deville
Fender Hot Rod
Fender Frontman
Peavey 6505
Peavey Bandit
Orange cr120
Orange Tiny terror
Vox ac-120
Bugerra 6260

Bass range:
Ashdown Mag 300
Ashdown Mag 600
Ampeg Svt Head
Ampeg Svt Classic
Harkte 4x10 cab
Hartke 1x15 cab
Ampeg 4x10 cab
Ampeg 8x10cab
Ashdown 8x10cab

PA range:

Yamaha EMX5016CF
Yamaha Mg
Allen & Heath Mix Wizard
Yamaha 15" active pa speakers

Mic Range:
Shure Sm58
Shure Sm58 Beta
Shure Sm57

Shure Sm57 Beta
Sennheiser e845s

K&M Boom stands


 €10 per hour 
All studios include - 1 Drumkit (Breakables available from reception), 1 bass amp, 2 x guitar amps, PA + 2 Microphones.

Any extra items such as keyboard's, cymbal's, Snare's, Guitars, FX Pedals etc will cost €5 extra per session.
Please state your requirements when making a booking.
Solo Rates:
(Drum breakables, Keyboards and guitars included free)
2 Hour session - €15
3 hour session - €20
(Subject to availability)




*All Rehearsal sessions suspended*

We are currently moving to a new location. 


(Opening Hours: 11am-11pm MONDAY To SATURDAY)

(Please mention if you need any extra equipment such as Keyboard, Snare, Cymbals, 3 or more Mics Etc)

*Please note * If you wish to cancel a rehearsal you must give a minimum of 24 hours notice.
 Otherwise you will need to pay the full fee before you can book again.